It is essential to stay healthy and active during the pandemic since people are often confined indoors. Below are some tips for all of us to keep fit during this critical time.


Yoga focuses on balance and flexibility. It enhances blood circulation while strengthening muscles at the same time. Yoga’s meditative quality also relieves stress and tension. It is an ideal workout for those of us short on patience or who suffer from chronic fatigue due to heavy workloads or other emotional upheavals such as anger or fear.

Like with any other activity, regular practice is key to achieving the optimum benefits from yoga. In two months, most yoga students notice substantial improvements in strength, stamina, and mental alertness that come from keeping fit through yoga.

Tai Chi

What is highlighted in this martial art form are its slow, graceful movements that emphasize precision, balance, and coordination. It involves the conscious control of breathing while practicing self-defense movements. The meditative aspect of tai chi enables participants to cultivate a calm mind through deep breathing techniques, which boost both physical and mental health at the same time. A routine will help practitioners achieve better focus, increase flexibility, and gradually develop muscular strength.


Aerobic exercises are appropriate for maintaining fitness levels when gyms are closed during pandemic times. Some examples of aerobic activities are dancing, jogging, brisk walking, cycling, swimming, and FIT classes hosted at our gyms. These can range from low to high impact that benefit both physical and mental health.

Exercises for Stretching

Stretching also keeps muscles flexible and prevents them from cramping up. However, before doing any stretches, remember to warm up by slowly bringing your heart rate to the appropriate level.

What about at home during isolation or lockdown?

With many of us working from home we find ourselves frequently look for other methods than just visiting the Gym. Some alternative options utilise cloud computing technology to run fitness programs/apps which can be both installed on our phones or run from home to maintain our fitness when enduring lockdown. You can use some apps to monitor heart rates, the pace of movement, calories burned, and even one’s mood.

Some options in this space include programs like Fitbit Coach, Myzone and Map My Fitness. These technologys enable us to keep track of our daily activities on just one device.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing refers to the process of accessing software applications or designed programs over the internet instead of using locally installed software on a computer or device.
Cloud technnology can allow those of us stuck at home with reduced mobility to access our training program without going out and using gyms or specialist equipment and allow trainers to get their services to us.

OnPlatinum is an example of one of the the range of cloud computing vendors who can offer platforms and technology to fitness trainers and prospective developers to build their platforms on.

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