Perfect Diet for Getting Fit While Maintaining Muscle Mass.

Perfect Diet for Getting Fit While Maintaining Muscle Mass.

We all know that at least 70 percent of training program, although some say even more, is consisting of a good diet. When it comes to weight loss, there are two things you need to remember-eat a lot of greens and be consistent with exercises. One doesn’t go without the other that is if you want to see results. So if you are indeed determined put yourself to endure a specific program that will change your lifestyle, for that period at least, you’ll need a good diet program as well. So here are do’s and don’ts of losing weight and leading a healthy life.

Eat Your Greens.

Your parent’s say this for nothing when you were a kid. Vegetables, especially green ones, contain a lot of fiber and carbs. Both of these you’ll need to either build muscle mass or reduce body fat. Everything from spinach, lettuce, cabbage, red beans, white beans, watermelon (yes that is a vegetable), asparagus and cucumber should be in your diet program. Not only because you’ll be losing body fat rapidly with it but because you’ll be healthier in general. And next to body weight reducing effects of vegetables, it also is a great source of vitamins, and carbs as well. So if you’re planning to build muscle mass and reduce fat at the same time, eating vegetables should be a must.

Proteins, Carbs, and Calories.

You probably think that if you eat a lot, you’ll be adding to the body fat but that’s not entirely the truth. When I used to train my diet was consisted of meals with over 3000 calories per day. This sounds a lot, but if you divide it accordingly into 5 to 6 meals per day, you’ll get a 500 to 600 calories per meal. Besides regular American citizen eats this much in two meals, being that roughly 3000 calories are equal to eating four cheeseburgers, one large soda, and a big ice cream pack. But that’s junk food. To get 3000 calories of healthy food, you’ll need a grocery list. Red meat is must, chicken as well; then there are rice, asparagus, eggs (of course), wheat is also important, dairy products (don’t be afraid of fruit yogurts), and lots and lots of fruits should also be included in your weight loss/muscle building program. Of course, you can’t just sit on your behind and eat all this food to expect that you’ll be fit and buffed. You need a good cardio as well as calisthenics program. One month of this diet and a good exercise program and you’re bound to lose three to five kg’s of body weight and reduce body fat. If you think after looking at the program that one month is too much to bare, think of how healthier you’ll be and what you’ll look in the mirror after those thirty days pass. It’s definitely worth a try, and the best thing is that it’s guaranteed that you’ll be satisfied with the results.


Rapid Muscle Building Exercise You Don’t Need Gym For

Rapid Muscle Building Exercise You Don’t Need Gym For

Media has done enough harm to everyday people and their idea of what leading a healthy life is. Every day we see commercials for weight loss products or devices that will somehow magically make you look slim. But there is more to weight loss than taking a magical pill or wearing a vibration-fueled west that will melt your body fat. Genetics are also take part in how you look and if you aren’t genetically predisposed to have a slim body, you probably won’t. That or I will take a lot more than jogging a couple of times to get that fit body. Another wrong idea about muscle building and body loss exercises is that you need a gym to perform them. But this is just another way of the economy trying to make use of your hard earned money. Here is a list of exercises that you can do at home without any gadgets from the gym.

Step One-Get Yourself a Pull up Bar.

Instead of spending money on the gym and their programs, you can save that money and get all the equipment that you need to create your gym. Look for a decent pull-up bar on Amazon or anywhere online. This is all you’ll need for a variety of exercises for building biceps, triceps, chest and six pack. Looking for a great mid body strengthening exercise? Put your hands on the bar a bit wider than your shoulder width- a fist of two. Now, join your legs and raise them so that they are completely horizontally aligned. Try doing pull ups in this position pulling the body without losing the form. By keeping your legs static in that position, you’ll be working on your six pack, mid-torso section, back, biceps and chest.

Mix Program.

Combine this above-mentioned exercise with standard or a type of push-ups, sit-ups, and dips and you got yourself a program for the month. For example, start with pull-ups (10 to 15 in one rep), then immediately continue to push-ups, then sit-ups and finally finish it with dips. Take not more than one minute of rest, only to catch your breath then repeat the process. In the beginning, you’ll stop at three or four round if you persistent. Afterward, you may increase either the number of reps per exercise type of the number of series.

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